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ZeptoExpress is an On-Demand Delivery Platform that allows customers to make delivery bookings at their convenience. We aim to move into a world of instant delivery and disrupt traditional courier services by guaranteeing a maximum delivery time of 3 hours. Our team are consistently building our analytics platform to handle thousands of deliveries everyday. We implemented state-of-the-art algorithms to predict consumer patterns and ensure top quality service. With the rise of e-commerce, the entire retail landscape has changed. Now people want everything on demand and delivered instantly whether it is from an online store or a brick and mortar shop. ZeptoExpress does just that.


MyBazar is the world’s first social marketplace that truly transfers physical shopping experience to e-commerce, regardless of merchant’s size, location, budget and technology skills.

NearU Sdn Bhd

Send, collect or return your parcel at NearU Store which opens outside regular business hours including weekends. When you’re ready… we are open.

Sama-Sama Hotels

Sama-Sama is a specialized Airport Hotel brand that embodies the very best of modern, contemporary Malaysia. Meaning “togetherness”, the logo denotes two hands coming together symbolizing the inclusiveness of the nation’s various people and cultures. It is also an expression of the depth of the Malaysian welcome. Our Award-Winning team are guided by the philosophy that welcoming our international and local guests with personalized and warm service is the authentic Malaysian experience / way.

Invest Into Wine

Our main goal is to build a fine wine portfolio for high net worth investors through referrals within our client base. Sure Holdings does not advertise and works via word of mouth through our existing and elite clientele.


Rodeo is an ad-tech company specialised in providing advertising platform on sharing economy. We connect brand owners with other motorist. Rodeo is SaaS platform that utilizes public data about the consumers behavior, consumers buying pattern, segmenting of the consumers, and big data technology to deliver value to advertisers. We can create an eye-candy campaign. It's an engagement adventure


Brandchat is a mobile chat app that connects people with brands and brands with people. It is a new way to search, discover and engage with brands and businesses.


Fashionable and comfortable hair ties and headbands that don't crease your hair. Straight from Beverly Hills, California.

SEGi College Subang Jaya

SEGi College Subang Jaya is located within the ‘college belt’ in one of the largest townships in the country has a capacity of 6,500 students. The impressive colonial and roman façade and architecture houses state-of-the-art facilities such as computer and multimedia centres, engineering and science laboratories, wireless access hotspots, student lounges, games room, a theatre, among others.

Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)

IUKL being the foremost infrastructure university in Malaysia, which emphasizes the integration of both hard and soft aspects of infrastructure, aspire to produce technopreneurs and skilled manpower with outstanding communication, technological and managerial skills. Enhanced with up-to-date academic facilities, and tutored by highly qualified lecturers among whom are industry practitioners, IUKL strives to ensure high quality education in areas of Engineering, Business, Communication, Language Studies, Architecture, Biotechnology, Information Technology and many more.

Bastion Solution

System Integrator and ICT Solution Provider

InvolveAsia Affiliate

Involve Asia is a affiliate marketing platform that helps connect advertisers to publishers through native advertising solutions. Involve provides tools to help web, mobile and social publishers automate affiliate marketing and maximise their earnings through intelligent product and service recommendations. Set up in 2014, Involve Asia is a venture-backed company with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


We're the Pioneers in Fashion Retail in Malaysia established in Kuala Lumpur in the early 70s. We carries wide range of fabrics, readymade, tailored shirts and many more. Our outlets are currently in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Ampang Park, The Curve and AEON Mall Shah Alam


We turn concept into reality. With over a decade of experience our event knowledge and technical expertise are exceeded only by our passion for perfection. We bring unparalleled originality, ingenuity, talent and vision to each project, treating each as a pioneering enterprise.

Kingdom Digital

Kingdom Digital is an award-winning digital agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are not an agency that promises the world to you. We are the agency that delivers on our promise. The agency that goes beyond expectations. The agency that builds and values relationships.

Brand Stickman Asia Ventures

Stickman is a Branding & Marketing agency that focuses on a very niche industry, the children industry. With 6 years experience establishing programs, campaigns and on-ground activation, Stickman in itself is being established as a brand of its own which is now known as 'Brand Stickman Asia Ventures', creating new educative modules, introducing new products and even working on products of its own this year. Stickman aims at building its brand and assisting children's brands out there in the industry to reach its marketing and branding goals and vision to the right intended market segment. Most importantly, provide interesting, fun and educative programs for the children, the future. Stickman aims at being the forefront leader in educative brand integration programs and aims at being a household brand that people can depend on for their child's needs. A brand that resonates trust, dependability and quality in the children's industry. We aim, we'll achieve.


MatDespatch is a same day delivery and courier service within the Klang Valley. Book a door-to-door express delivery in five minutes and have your items delivered in as little as one hour.

Jaya Satria Mediakom

We are a established ICT company, with a promising line-up of industry leaders bringing with them vast experience and industry knowledge to cater for our client's need for better and proven ICT solutions and services.


We provide end-to-end software development services to businesses and organisations around the world. Our applications are built from the get-go with security, speed and optimal performance in mind.


We believe in technology and we are passionate about great food. Maximize your time at the office. Get different meals everyday and explore top restaurants in town offered at an affordable price. Our mission is to provide affordable price meals to working professionals and workers in town that are busy working and want to spend their time more efficiently. We love our customers and we continuously develop new features and bring new meals to give you the greatest experience delivered at your office.

Mister Aladin lebih dari sekedar situs booking. Kami adalah teman travel terbaikmu yang akan membantu kamu memenuhi seluruh kebutuhan liburanmu – mulai dari menentukan hotel atau vila terbaik, menemukan petualangan seru, sampai menginspirasi kamu dengan pengalaman travel yang unik.

Sunway Pyramid

Since it first opened its doors in 1997, Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia’s first themed shopping and entertainment mall has undergone a magnificent transformation to herald a new shopping kingdom that boasts 4 million square feet of retail extravaganza.

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